Inside the Farmhouse


The 1250 square foot house is approximately 50 feet long and 25 feet wide with an enclosed porch on the back side and a screened porch on the left side. The main entrance is the front door which leads into the living room, the screened porch is to the right though a slider, and the kitchen is to the left past the basement stairs.  Three small bedrooms are on the back of the house and a small bathroom is in the middle. At the far left there’s a den that looks like it used to be a carport or an addition, but is neither. A door at the back of the den leads to the enclosed porch and an exterior door.


living room


21 X 14 screened porch, the best part of the whole house, and it has nasty carpet


The kitchen, complete with huge stain on floor near washer and fridge. The den is behind the door at the back.


only bathroom, the window looks into the den


middle of the three bedrooms, they are all about the same: striped carpet, paneling, and tiny  cedar pressed board closets

I’ve no photos of the den. Not sure how that happened. It has a fireplace and the wall between the kitchen and den is brick. Under the grey indoor/outdoor carpet is a concrete floor.

And there you have it, the Farmhouse in all her paneled glory.


7 thoughts on “Inside the Farmhouse

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