Farm Dream


We bought the farm. Well, not the farm, so much as a farm, really just a bit of pretty land (about 12 acres) in east Tennessee that will support our (my) dream of growing our own food. The land is mostly level and largely pasture, which the neighbor said has pretty good hay (great for the livestock we are planning). This pasture is what caught my eye and the barn sitting in the distance sucked me right in. I was sold before I ever went into the sad little house that came with the property.

20150908135341886522000000-oI have taken to calling the house ‘the farmhouse’, despite it having a decidedly unfarmhouse-like appearance. It needs everything except a roof. (Apparently a hail storm came through a few years ago, everyone got a new roof). I’ve since learned that the barn needs about as much work as the house. We’ve been told we’d be better off tearing them both down and starting over. However, being the stubborn folks we are, we have rolled up our sleeves and accepted the full gut renovation challenge.

We’ll be doing the majority of the work ourselves and contracting out the rest. Our timeline is 5 months, which is also, when our lease is up on the apartment. Therefore, regardless what is done, (or more likely, what is not done) we are moving into the house (or maybe a tent) the first of September.I’m optimistic, but I suspect also a bit delusional.

Because a 5 month full gut renovation is not challenging enough, we will soon be getting chickens (hens and broilers) and possibly goats. Which will mean building a brooder and fencing for the goats. Grassfed cows and pastured pork are also in the future, but I think they’ll have to wait until next spring when will be living on the property full time.


3 thoughts on “Farm Dream

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